How An At-Home Health Spa Aids With Physical Pain

Those who have experienced chronic pain understand that few remedies actually help. While medication and rest are great, there are times when patients are left needing an additional form of relief from chronic physical pain, such as back pain and joint pain.

For years, athletes have spent time soaking in water - both warm and cold - as a relief from chronic pain. Several athletes are known for spending time in an ice bath to aid in muscle soreness. However, athletes have also long been soaking in warm whirlpool baths to relieve their chronic muscle and joint pain. The warm, soothing temperature of the water mixed with the pressure of the jets creates a relaxing and rejuvenating spot for the body to heal itself.

But a jacuzzi at a Vista spa is not the only place for suffering individuals to find relief. An at-home spa gives those with chronic pain their own oasis for relief without ever leaving the comfort of their home.

There are several reasons why warm water soaking has remained one of the oldest forms of alternative therapy. Also known as warm water therapy, the act of soaking in warm water reduces the force of gravity compressing on the joints, therefore easing the pain. Warm water therapy also offers full support for all limbs, increases blood circulation and can decrease inflammation and swelling.

The increase in blood circulation stems from the increase in heart activity while in the jacuzzi. This is also beneficial because when any muscle in the body is forced to work harder more often, it will continue to become stronger. Therefore, the jacuzzi offers, even more, health benefits that just aiding in chronic physical pain.

The calming atmosphere of the warm water helps relieve tension, which also aids in the easing of chronic physical pain.

Part of warm water therapy is moving around and loosening the joints and a jacuzzi in a Vista backyard is the perfect place for that warm water therapy. Individuals can spend time moving around the roomy jacuzzi to loosen their muscles and joints while allowing the warm water and the easy jets to work their magic.

Another key benefit to a jacuzzi is the owner’s ability to control the jet pressure. If an individual with chronic pain is experiencing extreme tenderness that day, the lower pressure setting can be view it now used to keep from leaving the jacuzzi owner sore.

Unlike click this medications and some other forms of therapy, warm water therapy can be used as often as needed. By investing in a jacuzzi in Vista, those suffering from chronic physical pain can have access to the luxury of warm water therapy several times each day, or as often as needed.

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